Loolaba Race Calendar 2018

Dear Loolabas,

below you will find the list of competitions that we presented during the Annual General Meeting. As we said during the meeting, in order  to succeed as a club it is important that we show a massive participation of athletes in the Swiss Triathlon Circuit. We can get points to improve our ranking as individual athletes and for our mixed relay team. If you are available to race in our mixed relay team in one of the competitions below, please let us know at info@loolaba.com. If you are still choosing your races for 2018 we encourage you to pick them from the list below to help us to make Loolaba Great!

Racing in the IronMan circuit is going to give us point for the IronMan club ranking. Our position in the ranking was excellent in 2017 and we want to improve in 2018„. You can score points for the club in any IronMan race worldwide. However, we encourage you to participate to the races in Switzerland to show the size of the club to potential sponsors and partners.

We are also trying to book a space for the Loolaba Stand in all the competitions of the Swiss Triathlon Circuit and the IronMan races in Switzerland to support our athletes on the field.

The list of other races is not going to give us points for the rankings but they are all competitions of strategic importance for the club due to their location and number of participants. As you can see we have a lot of running events in this list and we hope to see all our runners representing the club in these races.

All the competitions below will be created as events on facebook and you will be able to see how many Loolabas are going to each race.

If we join forces in 2018, it will be an awesome season!!!

Swiss Triathlon Circuit:
15.04.2018 Walliseller Triathlon
17.06.2018 Zytturm Triathlon, Zug
23.06.2018 Spiezathlon
01.07.2018 Uri Triathlon
08.07.2018 Sempachersee Triathlon
04.08.2018 Triathlon de Nyon
26.08.2018 Uster Triathlon
02.09.2018 Triathlon di Locarno
09.09.2018 Triathlon de Yverdon
15.09.2018 Challenge Davos Festival

IronMan Circuit:
10.06.2018 70.3 IronMan Rapperswil
28.07.2018 5150 Zurich Triathlon
29.07.2018 IronMan Zurich

Other races:
24.02.2018 Luzerner Cross
06.05.2018 Zugerberg Classic
14.04.2018 Rotseelauf
28.04.2018 Luzerner Stadtlauf
15.07.2018 Tristar Rorschach
08.09.2018 Ämmelauf Littau
22.09.2018 Willisauerlauf
28.10.2018 Swiss City Marathon
??.12.2018 Zürcher Silvesterlauf
31.12.2018 Silvesterlauf Gersau