Newton Fate Review

Newton Running Shoes – is the first brand to focus on forefoot technology and cues to better running form. This shoe instantly gained the attention among runners and especially triathletes around the world. I got the Newton Fate (a neutral running shoe) and after running more than 200km in this model, here is a short review and my impression about them.

The sole is the defining characteristic of any Newton shoe. It has 5 massive lugs under the front part of the foot and I think it’s a unique piece of technology. The lugs aren’t overly prominent and I barely noticed them, but definitely you can feel the pop they provide.

Basically, you change your running technique and you need time to adapt to forefoot running style. Newton recommends not increasing the time in by more than 10 minutes from one run to the next (gradually transition). It took me about 2 and a half months to feel comfortable running with them, but how long the complete transition will take place will depend on your current stride and whether you are currently a mid or forefoot runner.

The upper part of the shoe is covered with a thin material, which allows a reasonable breathability and keeps the foot dry. I found the toe box to be nice and open with plenty of room for toes to splay out, but snug enough that my feet wouldn’t slip around inside the shoe on hard turns. At least for my foot, it’s the hardest part to find a good fit in, so the toe-box was perfect. It has a slightly more spacious interior and wider outsole footprint - offering a stable, smoother and more comfortable ride.

I did few long runs with this shoes, in my opinion they have the needed cushioning and support. Although, I’ll not recommend this shoes for trail runs or uneven surfaces, because the shoes don’t have an extra stability in the arch area.

In conclusion, I think the Newton Fate is an awesome shoe for flat surfaces, which offers a fantastic running experience. Adding the fact that this shoe seems like it will be in great condition for hundreds of km, I have no reservation to recommend this shoe, or at least try them on.